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  • André NUDANT
  • At the base of the Corton hill
  • Corking the bottles with natural cork
  • Character, expression and personality
  • Claudette NUDANT
  • Equilibrium between soil and vines
  • Guillaume NUDANT
  • Jean René NUDANT
  • The soil is the foundation of our work, how we cultivate it and how we grow from it
  • The tradition over the generations
  • Pinot Noir, rich in aromatics
  • Marie Anne NUDANT
  • Member of the Confederation of Independent Winegrowers
  • Wine bottling at the Domaine
  • Our work following the rhythm of the seasons
  • The pure expression of Chardonnay
  • Respecting the balance of the soil by ploughing
  • Tradition and know-how
  • Workmanship and the magnificence of the grape
  • Meticulously sorting berries
  • Using age-old Pinot Noir vines
  • Pinot Noir vines
  • The Domaine Nudant in Burgundy
  • Ladoix, the village that separates the Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits
  • The Domaine goes back several generations
  • Welcome to Domaine Nudant
  • Reception in the tasting room
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